Dealer Sign up Checklist


Dealer Sign up Checklist

Veros Credit Dealer Sign up Checklist


  • You will be setup with our Loan Originations system “Defi” to immediately have access to work your deals.
  • Gather all required dealer documents.

Dealer Checklist:

Before Signing MDA

  • Owner(s)/Dealer Principal(s) Personal Information (If dealership type is not Franchise)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • SSN
    • Address
    • City, State & Zip
    • Percentage of Ownership
    • Identification/Driver’s License State
    • Identification/Driver’s License Number
    *Same for all owners with 10% or more of ownership
  • Copy of owner’s driver Identification/Driver’s License (All that apply)
  • Copy of DMV license
  • Copy of Dealer Bond
  • Copy of Dealer Sales Tax permit
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation and/or Secretary of State printout
  • Copy DBA filing and/or Fictitious name (if applicable)
  • VOID check to be matched with signed ACH form
  • Dealer inventory list
  • Clear Photos of the dealer lot (Multiple angles: Front Line, Lot with Inventory, etc.)
  • Copy of authorized signers driver license (if applicable)

After Signing MDA

  • Signed authorized signers form (if applicable)
  • Copy of authorized signers driver license (if applicable)

You may submit your documents using any of the options below:


  • Dealer Support may need to contact you to obtain additional information to complete your application.
  • You will receive an invitation via e-mail to digitally sign Veros Credit's Master Dealer Agreement "MDA" using docusign.

*You may get more information regarding digital signatures at or "About Docusign".


Once we have received your fully signed MDA and required dealer documents, we will complete the review process activate your dealer account upon approval.